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Axwell explains the story behind his name and talks about his upcoming track

Many of his know Sven Axel Christofer Hedfors under his stage name of Axwell, as the Swedish powerhouse has become an iconic figure in the dance music industry. Whether he has performed as a solo act, as a duo with Seb Ingrosso, or as the legendary trio of Swedish House Mafia, he has always attracted a massive fanbase for his skilful, energetic and emotional music. Earlier this month, Axwell took over the latest episode of VH1’s Insider Access, discussing the origins of his name, his favourite food whilst on the road, and his upcoming track ‘I Love You’.

He explains that his stage name has changed as his musical abilities progressed, evolving over time to eventually become what it is today:

“Well you know, in school, we just gave each other names, nick names all the time. And mine actually evolved from when I started to make music. My real name is Axel, so it just came from there. Axel, Axelars, Uxel and then it went to Maxwell House for a little bit and then it just came down to Axwell.”

The Swede also confessed that he’d probably be a computer nerd of some kind if he had not become a music artist, as it has his love for computers that helped him discover his talent for music production. Whilst in terms of eating healthy when touring, Axwell explains his particular love for Indian food:

“You know, actually, here, it’s garlic naan and butter chicken!”

He also talked briefly about his upcoming Ax /\ Ing track, which is set to be released on February  10th. The vocalised release, featuring American rapper Kid Ink, fuses an orchestral harmony with a typically electronic opening, whilst also having a heavy hip-hop influence.

H/T: Bangin Beats