Bakermat announces new label and first single ‘Mad About You’

Since the release of his Ultra Music single featuring the talented Alex Cure, Dutch artist Bakermat has set higher goals than most other mainstream talent we see today. With so many different outlets for one to choose, Bakermat has pressed towards one of the most challenging – starting his own record label. Bakermat’s brainchild, Big Top Amsterdam is fresh on the scene with its first release by Koni feat. Danelle, ‘Mad About You‘.

Now available for purchase, ‘Mad About You’ is a daring take on electronic music, pushing boundaries and really setting the pace for where Big Top is hopefully headed. Produced by the talented Koni, this German producer is known for his reworks of stars like Drake, Major Lazer, and DJ Snake. With gorgeous vocals by California singer, Danelle, the close to 4 minute single dives into progressive synth work and a contagious display of harmonies sure to be at the top of everyone’s playlists. With all that said, if ‘Mad About You’ shows any indication as to where Big Top is headed, the sky’s the limit for this Dutch taste-maker.

Innovative and driven off the fundamentals of transparency and honesty, Bip Top Amersterdam is surely a contender for the international market. Bakermat goes on saying:

“I understand what it’s like to be a kid in an attic experimenting with music and having trouble getting toplines or attention for your tracks. Also I know and I see what’s going on in the industry, a lot of my colleagues are complaining that they have an unclear/complicated deal with their label and don’t even know if their statements (royalties, sales, streams) are correct. I found this very frustrating and don’t know why this is happening in a modern age. Our artists will get a fair and transparent deal that’s up to modern day standards.”

Take a listen to the label’s first single below, and let us know what you think.


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