Bout – A Better Soul

Since the beginning of their career in early 2016, Bout have become two of the fastest-rising talents within the electronic music scene. Hailing from northern Italy, this up-and-coming duo has successfully displayed its prowess in music production through a remarkable portfolio of releases.

Bout first rose to prominence with their track called “For You”, which received an immense amount of attention as once the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool Track of the Week. Following their debut single, Bout were then signed by Flamingo Recordings and Big & Dirty Recordings to drop some astonishing productions such as “Take Me” and “Duck”. Proving their success, these records have been supported by some of the industry’s biggest names from W&W to Don Diablo.

Recently, Bout have made their return to Big & Dirty Recordings to release their brand new single titled “A Better Soul”. Kicking the year off with a bang, this track has seen nothing but positive feedback, including the support of Martin Garrix. With its brilliant future house elements and top-notch production quality, “A Better Soul” once again showcases the type of talents Bout truly possess.

The Italian talents sit down with us with an exclusive interview, providing a thorough background of his artistry and inspirations behind the project:

You just dropped your latest release “A Better Soul” on Big & Dirty. Could you tell us more about how the idea for the track came to life?

The idea came from our willing to release some disco/funk tracks with a radio oriented mood. According to the first Spotify reports it seems we made it!

Tell us about the origin of your music. How did you discover your sound?

We’ve always been in love with 80’s funky music and we have tried to bring those vibes into our productions. We think the actual EDM scene still needs these sounds that characterized the past dancefloor culture.

Have there been times when you felt like you’ve run out of ideas/directions to go in with a particular sound? If so, how have you dealt with it in the past?

We think every artist have to face this problem at a certain point of his career. When we run out of ideas we usually listen to some old disco music to get some inspiration.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

As you may have noticed we are huge fans of the whole disco/funk culture but of course we have some idols in the actual scene like Don Diablo, Martin Garrix, Zedd and Flume.

To top the previous question, As a DJ duo hailing from Italy, tell us about how your home country influenced you as producers?

Lately the Italian EDM scene is raising fast. We are getting some support from big Italian artists like Merk & Kremont, Delayers and other buddies. We strongly think that big things are coming this year from this crew of crazy people and great producers.

Your record “Take Me” on Flamingo Recordings last year was nothing short of impressive but it had a noticeably more melancholic sound in comparison to the rest of your productions. Tell us about how the vibe of track came about?

For “Take Me” we wanted to try something different and downtempo, so we came up with this vintage synth that leads the whole track. We think it’s still a cool sound and maybe we’ll try something similar in the future.

What are some of your plans for 2017? Any major collaborations, festival slots, tours planned, etc?

2017 is going to be huge! Our first release ‘’A Better Soul’’ has received a cool support from some of the biggest artist in the scene like Martin Garrix , Dannic, Max Vangeli, Swanky Tunes and many more. We have a dope collaboration with Max Vangeli on the go and a lot of new pop-oriented music to be released early this year.

Right off the bat, the emotions are brought out with the lovely piano chords that progress alongside the fitting vocal chops. While the energy begins to pick up, the catchy and synth-filled drop enters and sends out the uplifting vibes the track attempts to deliver. Overall, “A Better Soul” is an absolute must-hear production for its blissful and well-designed sounds and you can stream or buy it here.