The Chainsmokers – Paris (Animale Remix)

If there were currently any upcoming producer to keep an eye on, it would be Animale. Hailing from Germany, this highly talented artist recently displayed his prowess and creativity once again with an astounding remix of The Chainsmokers’ latest single called “Paris”.

Since entering the dance music scene, Animale has been receiving heavy support from numerous fans around the world for his top-notch music releases. From his track titled “Alive” to his remix of Nakita’s “Where Are You?”, Animale’s portfolio is not to be ignored. Especially with his bootleg of September’s “Cry for You”, Animale has successfully proven himself as a future star within this industry.

Last month, Animale also dropped an incredible remix of Oliver Heldens’ record titled “Good Life”, which has seen nothing but praise from the audience. With the momentum right in his hand, the German producer kicked off the new year with his rendition of The Chainsmokers’ newest hit “Paris”.

The remix opens up with a beautiful melodic buildup that perfectly blends with Drew Taggart’s vocals. Soon after, the track transitions into the future bass drop that certainly provides a lovely listening experience from beginning to end. The sequence repeats for the second half of the remix, but features more elements from the original version, including the striking piano chords and Emily Warren’s vocals.

Animale’s remix is now available for download here.