deadmau5 gets flamed by Marshmello fans for playing “boring” music

The long history of controversy and beef between Canadian producer deadmau5 and newfound EDM star Marshmello is nothing new, and recent events have only triggered a larger fallout between the two. When Arizona based festival Decadence announced Mau5 would essentially be “opening” for his more commercial nemesis, it was almost certain there would be some drama.

Joel’s decision to play music from his deeper, more techy catalogue during his 75 minute set sparked quite a adverse reaction from Marshmello fans, who obviously were thrown off by the lack of commercial acapellas and mainstream EDM drops. As usual, audience members turned to twitter to bash the Canadian legend for his “boring” and “garbage” set. As one attendee reports, “I heard a number of comments like ‘his build ups take too long’ or even straight up ‘this is boring’. We waved goodbye to all the people he cleared out with a huge smile on our faces.”

The evidently “boring” music in question was some of the finest techno productions of the decade, including Maceo Plex’s incredible “Solar Detroit” and Jay Lumen’s “London”. Judging from the blowback deadmau5 has received on Twitter, it is obvious that Marshmello fans have no appreciation for classical house music, and would rather prefer “sick drops”.

Of course, there were a few members of the audience who appreciated the beauty of deadmau5’s set.

(via Toronto Rave Community)

Photo credit: DA