Kav Verhouzer – Shot My Love Down ft. MODD

If you’re looking for the tune that has it all, Kav Verhouzer‘s latest magnificent specimen is the jam for you. Arguably, 2016 has been one of the Dutchman’s most successful years yet. Being dubbed by Spotify as their Spotlight Artist of 2016, he’s now showing no signs of slowing down. Ringing 2017 in style, Kav has now released his next gem alongside MODD titled “Shot My Love Down”.

A follow-up to a slew of tracks including “Get What You Came For“ alongside BullySongs, “Gonna Be Alright“ alongside Ben Alessi, or his remix of Ashworth‘s “Second Guess“, “Shot My Love Down” further solidifies Kav Verhouzer as one of the few true masters of the new wave of house music. The producer dropped the single on Epic Amsterdam (Sony) and immediately made clear that he’s one to watch for 2017.

His latest production is as full and crisp as ever, showing a wide command of sound design and mixing from the delicate guitar sounds to the delightful vocals and flourishes of the drop. Delivering one of his most outstandings tracks so far, “Shot My Love Down” proves that, when it comes to soul-influenced music, Kav Verhouzer is a force to be reckoned with at any time.

Mixing and mashing his own styles, he hits the nail right on the head with his powerful and nostalgic work on the drop with the attention grabbing melody, which sticks out of all, leaving the listener wanting for more of it. While calling no bests from the lot, it wouldn’t surprise if this track would be heard throughout the entire summer.

Cutting ahead of his handful of accomplished singles to date, “Shot My Love Down” raises the bar for Kav’s polished sound to take centre stage come 2017, again.

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