KSHMR discusses purpose and process behind his live performances

KSHMR is undoubtedly one of the industry’s most respected producers and DJ’s. From being part of The Cataracs to becoming a superstar in the electronic music circuit during his solo career, KSHMR’s journey has been quite remarkable. Known for hits such as “Secrets” and “Heaven’, KSHMR possesses a keen ear for astonishing music that has successfully placed his name toward the higher ranks of the scene.

Alongside his brilliance inside the studio, the Indian-American artist also knows how to deliver memorable live performances in front of his passionate fans. From festivals such as Sunburn and Tomorrowland to various clubs across the globe, KSHMR has become one of the most sought-after performers in the business.

In a recent story, KSHMR had revealed his main purpose of performing, which is to provide the audience with an unforgettable experience. He said that he would rather be an artist than just a DJ, expressing that he would not be satisfied with only playing famous songs to please the crowd. He stated:

“I want to give people an artist more than a DJ. Although I make electronic music and thus my live instrument is effectively the turntables like everyone else, when you come to my show, even if the storytelling turns some people off, I want you to at least be left with an experience that you couldn’t confuse with somebody else on the bill that night.”

KSHMR also discussed the importance of having an internal voice. He said that it has helped motivate him to accomplish many things, especially making music. While it could act as a burden for other people, KSHMR uses his internal voice as a way to push himself to become successful.

Lastly, KSHMR mentioned how the workload of producing music does not necessarily bother him. Even if it takes two entire days to finish, he is always eager completing what he had started, which shows the hard work and dedication he has toward his job. KSHMR concluded his story by saying:

“There are days when I look forward to being done and watching TV and eating. But the days when I’m really happiest are the days where I don’t want to get into any of that and just want to stay up 48 hours finishing something. It’s a sort of high that I live for.”

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Photo Credit: Favian Fernandez