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Laidback Luke opens up about mainstream and underground dance music in recent interview

For over two decades, Laidback Luke has turned into one of the industry’s most respected DJ’s and producers. The Dutch-Filipino mastermind is best known for his remarkable skills behind the decks as well as his several hits from “Show Me Love” to “S.A.X.”.

In a recent interview with Resident Advisor, Laidback Luke expressed his opinion regarding the modern electronic dance music scene. Particularly, he spoke out on the constant division between mainstream and underground genres, stating:

“What has always boggled me about the modern generation of underground but overground music lovers is that people are just so focused on these little niches.”

Laidback Luke then continued his argument by comparing the two types of music with food. He added:

“I often wonder: do techno people only eat the best steak each and every single day for a decade? And do EDM people only eat fast food each and every day? The truth is, the majority doesn’t. Sometimes you eat great steak. Sometimes you go to the McDonald’s. And for me it’s the same with music. So I really love all of it. I love Diplo, but I love Surgeon as well.”

In addition to his remarks on the current world of dance music, Laidback Luke also discussed his origins with techno and house, also mentioning the likes of DJ Pierre and Jeff Mills. He also described the style of techno as simply “programming drums, programming blips and blops in certain timings.”

Listen to the full interview below.

H/T: DJ Mag