Raven & Kreyn – With You

Two of South France’s brightest upcoming talents are back with yet another electrifying production. Raven & Kreyn, who have rapidly been on the rise since entering the dance music scene, are set to release their brand new single titled “With You” on Armada Music‘s sub-label Showland Records on January 30th.

Raven & Kreyn first caught the fans’ attention with their Melbourne Bounce track called “Rave It”. Since then, the two producers never looked back after releasing an impressive array of records. Proving their tremendous success, Raven & Kreyn have signed with some of the industry’s biggest record labels, from Ministry of Sound to Spinnin’ Records.

The duo has gained a vast amount of support, most notably, on their release titled “Chicago” on Don Diablo’s Hexagon label alongside Steff Da Campo and their collaboration with FractaLL called “Killed It”, which has accumulated over one million streams online. Carrying the momentum over, Raven & Kreyn kick off the new year with their solo production “With You”.

The track features a soothing melodic buildup that coincides with some catchy vocals, striking chords, and vinyl scratches. This sequence culminates toward the mighty drop, which is packed with some deafening basslines and mind-boggling bass house elements. Overall, “With You” possesses the sounds that would make it suitable for any rave atmosphere and thus, we can expect it to dominate the upcoming festival season.

“With You” will be released on Swanky Tunes’ label Showland Records on January 30th and you can listen to the official preview below. Also, We Rave You had a chance to talk with Raven & Kreyn about their music and their career. You can read the interview below.

1.      Throughout your career, you have signed with some of the industry’s major labels such as Spinnin’/Hexagon and Guru Recordings. This time, you have signed your brand new single with Armada Records. How has it been like working with these huge record labels?

Working with major labels requires a professional way of work, and a lot of timing. They’re being flooded with demos everyday, so it’s important to submit only quality tracks. We had to deal with refusal multiple times, and that’s what taught us to keep working harder until it’s good enough. But quality is not the only important factor, the track has to fit the label aswell. That’s why majors have plenty of sub-labels, each with different genres.

2.      One of your biggest tracks to date would certainly be your release on Hexagon titled “Chicago”. How was it collaborating with Steff Da Campo and how did you come up with the idea behind the track?

We first met up online, as we were into each other style. We had something started, way more “bass-housy” but in the end Steff and us weren’t convinced by the track. After hours of trying different things, we went on a totally new direction, with a banging festival drop and a weird-sounding synth as we like to use in most of our tracks. Steff liked it and he came up with a very cool breakdown, and that “I’m in Chicago” vocal that stays in your head. The track was sent to Don Diablo and we were totally stunned when he said he wanted it for the Generation HEX 2 EP!

3.      What were you inspirations behind your latest single and how did the process go in terms of producing it?

We wanted to stick up to our precedent style, but we also wanted to add another “dimension” to the track, with instruments we never used before, such as an old-school organ. We stumbled upon that “With You” girl voice and we thought it fits the track perfectly. The producing process was quite usual, we worked on the track for 2 days nonstop, then we went back on it to change and add few details during the week.

4.      Your recent collaboration with FractaLL has reached over 1 million streams on Soundcloud in just less than a month. Did you ever expect “Killed It” to accumulate this amount of success?

The interest on “Killed It” was totally unexpected! We never thought we would be able to reach so much people with this one, as it was quite apart from what we usually do. This allowed us to grow our fan base in countries such as Brazil, United States, and even Russia.

5.      2016 has clearly been a very successful year for both of you. What are your plans to maintain this high level of success in 2017?

Our main goal this year is to maintain our working rhythm, and to become established on major labels. We’ll be playing a lot more, but we’re also very excited about collaborating with a few big names of the EDM scene, and we truly hope people will enjoy our music as much as we do!