Viberate looks to revolutionize the music industry as we know it

New wave platform Viberate looks set to have a dramatic effect on the music industry as we know it, completely reshaping the consumer market. The service launched in 2015 with impressive results, completely selling out of tokens within 5 minutes. Now, Viberate are launching a new reward system which will enable fans themselves to earn crypto.

Through expanding Viberate’s online database, promoting the service through social media and expanding the community, anyone can participate and receive crypto in return. Over the next 2,000 days Viberate plan to distribute $1.2 million worth of currency, which amounts to 5,000 VIB each day. The initiative enables fans to become a part of the music industry, converting their passion into rewards.

Viberate plan to create more transparency within the music industry, increasing payment discipline while generating more exposure for upcoming artists. Through participating, the possibilities are endless, and COO Vasja Veber even suggested that some contributers may even be able to quit their jobs.

Here’s what he had to say about the exciting new opportunity:

 “Since those very users play a crucial role in helping us change the music industry, we want to reward them for their efforts, as they are actually a part of the team.Our top contributor has earned over 42,000 VIB, which translates to app. $6,200 at press time – not bad for roughly one month of work.

We’ve seen massive growth of our token this month. At the moment VIB is worth $0,403, so 42,000 VIBs translatets to $16,950.”

Find out more about how to get involved here.


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