Afrojack feat. Luis Fonsi – Wave Your Flag

For his latest single, Dutch powerhouse Afrojack has joined forces with Grammy winner Luis Fonsi. Sending a message of love to the world, the two superstars collaborated on the monumental new track titled “Wave Your Flag”.

While the world may experience many violent acts, religious warfare, and cultural intolerance, European Border Breakers Award winner Afrojack released a historic production that brings out an important word of sharing love and acceptance among one another.

The brand new record features the vocals of Luis Fonsi, whose portfolio has been nothing short of remarkable. Having been named Billboard’s artist of the decade, this Puerto Rican singer and songwriter teamed up with Afrojack to deliver this upbeat and uplifting gem.

“Wave Your Flag” features a beautiful chord progression that superbly blends with Fonsi’s vocals. Also mixed with some astounding melodies, the buildup transitions into the massive electro drop that consists of Afrojack’s signature sounds.

Shot across the stunning scenery of Monterrey, Mexico City, Mérida, and Riviera Maya, a music video for the track has also been released. The video effectively sends out the message the track attempts to deliver as well, reminding us to love and accept each other, believe in ourselves, and open our hearts and minds to others.

“Wave Your Flag” is now available for stream/download here and you can check out the official music video below.