Ed Sheeran – Castle on the Hill (Parlé Remix)

If there was a group worth paying attention to within the realm of dance music, it would most certainly be Parlé. Recently, these upcoming artists delivered another astounding remix of, this time, Ed Sheeran’s new single called “Castle on the Hill” that is set to take part in his forthcoming album ‘÷’.

Consisting of three incredibly talented producers, Parlé started their career off strong with the release of their remix of The Chainsmokers’ massive hit “Don’t Let Me Down”. The trio garnered much praise for their rendition of this 2016 anthem not only from fans, but from media outlets and other producers as well.

With the momentum clearly on their side, Parlé returns in extravagant fashion with a stunning remix of Ed Sheeran’s recent release “Castle on the Hill”. Right off the bat, the track presents its top-notch production quality through its blissful melodies and striking piano chords.

Soon after, a guitar riff sequence becomes added to the mix alongside Sheeran’s distinctive vocals. The remix continues to culminate until the climax ensues, which features a flawless blend of deep house and tropical house elements.

Overall, with its superb combination of Parlé’s unique instrumentals and Sheeran’s voice, this production provides quite a lovely auditory experience from beginning to end and effectively showcases the talents Parlé truly possess.

The remix is out now and you can download it for free here.