An ‘EDM’ category has been added to Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards

The organisers of Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards have decided to include a Favourite DJ/EDM Artist category at this years event which takes place on 11th March in the Forum in Los Angeles.

Electronic Dance Music, usually branded by the term EDM, has risen massively over the past 5/10 years or so with the biggest rise happening in the USA. This is all because of the amount of money people are willing to invest in artists, whether its to see them or to book them and so over time people started to realise a trend was forming. Club Promoters in the USA began to see that these ‘EDM‘ DJs began to sell out their clubs, meaning that they could eventually afford to raise the prices of these events.

With profit and money being raked in into the this industry, a lot more festivals started to include EDM acts on the bill and even only EDM festivals began to form, such as Ultra and EDC. With this scene having so much more exposure, people were inspired to copy these DJs and so wave after wave of EDM DJs/Producers started to hit the top 10 charts. Obviously, this has gained the attention of children as everyone knows when they were a child they tended to listen to top 40 hits. 

The artists that have been nominated for the ‘Favourite DJ/EDM Artist’ award are: 

Martin Garrix
Calvin Harris
Major Lazer
DJ Snake

Unsurprisingly, those artists have had huge success within the charts which have lead them gain the attention of young ones. The winner of this is definitely a tough call.

Let us know who you think could win it in the comments below!

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