Louis The Child – Love is Alive (feat. Elohim)

With an international tour already under their belts as the beginning of 2017 rolls in, Chicago-based twosome, Louis The Child, have just announced another single to be added to their already impressive repertoire. Entitled, “Love is Alive”, this bouncy electro-pop anthem is the perfect tune for anyone looking to spice up their playlist this winter season. Known for visionary synth work and a modernized sound, the duo, known best for their hits “It’s Strange”, “Weekend”, and “Fire”, included that recognizable melody we’ve all grown to love.

With each necessary component to make this single one of Louis The Child’s biggest to date, “Love is Alive” pulls at the listeners’ heart strings with lush harmonies and an outstanding vocal performance from Elohim. The track is a stunning debut of Child’s ability to transfer their thoughts and feelings into song, and with the blend of dubstep meets future-electro, “Love is Alive” certainly raises the bar as far as the duo’s musical maturity is concerned. Debuted on Proximity, the close to 3-minute track is one that will certainly make its way to the main stage this festival season.

Take a listen to “Love is Alive” below, and don’t forget to check out Louis The Child’s tour dates here.

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