Oliver Heldens feat. Ida Corr – Good Life (Kryder Remix)

Since launching a remix contest for his recent hit ‘Good Life‘, countless remixes of Oliver Heldens’ track have popped up online over the past couple of months. But it seems that the best were yet to come, as the official remix package has just been released, with Sosumi frontman Kryder leading the way. With the launch of his “Groove Cartel” movement a few years ago in an attempt to spread the groovy, infectious, sounds of house music into modern-day EDM, Kryder has well beyond succeeded, bringing himself and a plethora of upcoming artists to the spotlight.

Typifying the sound of the groove cartel with this latest production, Kryder has carried on his momentum into the new year, and continues to go from strength to strength as he relentlessly releases club heaters on a very continual basis. Featuring the funkiest of bass lines lying underneath the vocals, Kryder’s remix starts off strong and delivers the groove right off the bat. Following a short buildup, the climax ensues and brings out the feel-good vibes that are perfect for any festival or club atmosphere. Guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor moving, Kryder showcases his talent once again and cements his place as one of the best in the business.

Check out the remix in full below, along with