Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (ORBT remix)

Formally know as Jayson Constantino, ORBT is a DJ/Producer hailing from the small town of Savage in Minnesota. Impressing with his work to date, the United States talent has taken on one of the biggest tracks from the electronic dance music world in 2016.

Combining his celestial and rhythmic sound pallets to craft his signature sound, his soundscapes often carry a harmonious quality to their atmosphere. Actively performing within the last four years ORBT has become a prominent member of the Bass Tribe community in the state of Maryland. Also partnered with the rap-concept, KAAN, the budding talent has been consistent in his efforts to fuse genre’s and create hybrid sounds.

Releasing his EP, Midnight Dreams, last year ORBT pursues providing his growing fan base an experience of unexpected sounds and styles. Carrying a portfolio with a diverse range of sub-genre’s, his latest effort ventures into the world of Trance, with elements of Progressive and Electro in the mix as well.

Taking on Porter Robinson’s reputed and respected collaborative effort with Madeon, their track “Shelter” gains a pulsating Trance melody insert. With a crafted vocal bridge and intricate layering, the tracks energy invigorates the listener.

Availible as a Free Download, you can check out the full preview of ORBT’s remix below!

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