Robin Schulz’ remix of Mr Probz’ “Waves” turns 3 years old

One of the most popular deep house and tropical house tracks recently hit its anniversary. Robin Schulz‘ feel-good remix of Mr Probz‘ song called “Waves” just turned three years old and in celebration, let us relive all of the memories we can remember while listening to this masterpiece.

Schulz rose to prominence and broke through the industry with this brilliant remix of “Waves”. Originally released by Mr Probz in 2013, the track garnered heavy support from numerous fans all across the globe.

Similarly, Schulz’ remix topped many music charts from around the world, including Germany’s, Sweden’s, and the United States’. Also proving the massive success of the track, Schulz’ release received multiple platinum certifications in several countries, from Italy to the United Kingdom.

Additionally, the remix also become one of the most streamed songs online and one of the most-played records on the radio airwaves.

Featuring a mix of catchy guitar riffs and soothing melodies, Schulz’ added instrumentals clearly provide a refreshing and euphoric auditory experience that fans have come to love. Topped with Mr Probz’ distinctive vocals, this remix is a true gem for not only dance music fans, but also for any music fan in general.

Check out the track’s official music video below.