Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 195 Guestmix – Nari & Milani

Assured to bring quality out into the open with each step that they take towards creating new avenues for electornic dance music coming from all corners of the world, Spinnin’ Records return with their Spinnin’ Sessions setup to give us a sneak peak into upcoming hits and favorites. With Oliver Heldens and Fox Stevenson handling the guest mix in the recent sessions, this week they showcase the Italian duo of Maurizio Nari & Ronnie Milani – together known as Nari & Milani. The duo have undoubtedly been one of the major faces of House music all over Europe, if not the world, and have seen significant attention being diverted towards them from the main stream crowd due to their hard-hitting 2012 single titled ‘Atom’.

The 195th edition of Spinnin’ Session features music from Sam Feldt, Sophie Francis, Pegboard Nerds, Tony Junior and Vanilla Ace – few releases stemming from the label itself. The Talent pool release of the week is Pyrodox’s single ‘Dust to Gold‘ featuring Ina – a track which too is being released on the label after pipping fellow demo-submitters to becoming the talented artist to get his music on the revered label. This week’s Spotify listen is Chatterbox, a track from our previous Spinnin’ Sessions guest mix curator Fox Stevenson in collaboration with Dutch rising star Mesto.

With the regular air-time catching on, heads turn to our this week’s guest mix from Nari & Milani. The Italian duo come packed with music from their own production desk as well as newly launched label WOOF Records. Apart from Calippo’s ‘Alive’ and Marcus Schossow’s track ‘Raw’, the latter half of the Spinnin’ Session, curated by Nari & Milani, features remixes from the likes of Oliver Huntemann, Lee Walker, CamelPhat and Patrice Baumel.

As we could not let this opportunity pass us by so easily, we made sure to sit down with the Italian House and dance music virtuosos to gain some insight into who they are and what is it that their music entails as a whole. Moreover, they open to us about their newly started label, some advice for young producers, thoughts on their massive hit track ‘Atom’ and what the future holds for them. In conversation, below:

Artists usually identify with a particular style of production. What is your musical style? 

We would say that our style now is a fusion between underground and electro house. We were influenced by all the historic house producers from 1989 to 1995. It is inspiring to hear their tracks while we are in the studio thinking of new musical ideas. Too many to name specific producers.

We balance between two sounds: electro house and also the more weird things that belong to the experimental/underground sound. That’s what we  try to do with our productions, we try to mix those two sounds into something that sounds unique. We think that’s the only way to stand out. At the end of the day, making music is art.

Your hit podcast “I’ll House U The Program” has been around for quite some time now. How has the process of creating an episode changed, if at all?

We usually spend about four days working on it and we download about 60-70 tracks to play on our show every week. It is important for DJs to be broadcasted on the radio or internet, especially in America. We are proud  to be  on SIRIUSXM every week.

We saw that you recently launched your own imprint “Woof Rec”. What was the main reason behind that and how was timing involved with the decision?

It is really boring to always listen to the same drops and easy melodies. We try to do something different, of course it is not easy but we should definitely try new stuff matching the people’s different tastes. On Woof, this has as a mission to spread good music, discover and promote new talents, helping them to never stop chasing their own dreams. Woof is a new trend, a movement to express new art with every release. Woof is looking for creativity. Woof is about quality and changes. This is Woof.

Your remake of “The Creeps” together with Cristian Marchi on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label was a successful hit; could you tell us more about how the idea for the track came to life?

Cristian is a great friend and one day we took some ideas from the past and we thought it could be the right track for the cover of the summer 2016. We worked together on the track, even though we have different tastes and styles it’s nice to combine them and create something special and unique. Driving kick drums and fat synths come together to create a massive record. “The Creeps 2016”  was a peak record played by every DJ around the world!

Your recent releases “Twilight”, “Epsilon”, “Copacabana” and “Camino Del Sol” are all quite different from each other. Do you feel that one of the core reasons for your success is your ability to adapt your style to different genres and pursue a variety of styles?

“Camino Del Sol” and “Copacabana” with Hiisak are tribal hymns. For us it is a kind of hymn to the day. It’s a blessing for a new day, a sunny day. It’s tribal dance that puts you right in a beautiful trance. It swells and swells, holding you captive in its electrifying groove. Hiisak is a big friend and we have the same taste in music!

“Epsilon” is just about everything a seasoned fan of house music could want in something new: big energy reminiscent of the scene’s last heyday as an underground community, and influences from rock and disco.

“Twilight” with Tava is is very fresh. It’s like a waveform – inspiration is in the air and together we built a cool house melody.

Your biggest hit “Atom” was not just a career defining moment for you, but a milestone for all dance music, you set a trend and it was a big opportunity for your career to skyrocket from there. Do you think you’ve achieved your goals since that day, or if you could go backwards would you change something?

For us, “Atom” was a statement to say that raw grooves can make a huge impact. We wanted that track to sound like the end of the world and it now seems to be a favorite amongst DJs across the globe. We treated this one like it was the soundtrack of a Tarantino film and are very proud of the reaction. Outside of this, we just want to lead in the electronic revolution. Yes, our lives have changed since that day, the atomic day.

What advice would you give to your fans who are also aspiring producers?

Learn so much, work hard, but don’t stop believing in your dreams!!!

What are some of your plans for 2017? Any major collaborations, festival slots, tours planned, etc?

Many surprises are coming… Our Woof party & Woof room. Follow us on our socials!!! And then we will be around to play our music: it will be a full summer!

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