Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 197 Guestmix – Tujamo

German-born producer Tujamo has held a reputed status in the electronic dance music scene for quite some time now. With numerous Beatport chart-toppers, and over 175 million Spotify plays, his extensive list of studio tracks include notable collaborative efforts with some of the industry elite, such as Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke and Danny Avila.

Now taking the helm of the sought-after guest position on the Spinnin’ Sessions podcast, the 197th episode reflects its long-standing popularity and respect. Providing a foreshadowing on the genre’s future hits, it also gives spotlight to emerging talents from around the globe.

Opening up with Lincoln Jesser‘s latest offering, “Right By You“, The Aston Shuffle‘s newest studio material and Sam Feldt‘s newest remix swiftly follow. Taking on HAEVN‘s “Bright Lights“, Feldt’s signature sound is clear for all to hear. Rounding out the first five tracks with Spirix and the latest Talentpool product, Rhys Davies, the 197th Spinnin’ Sessions certainly provides the goods early on.

Followed by the likes of Spinnin’ roster staples, Jay Hardway, Curbi and Mesto, the remainder of the tracks from the first half of the podcast are provided by the talents of Mastrovita and Bassnectar‘s remix of Buku‘s “Front To Back“. Followed by 30 minutes of the craftsman’s skill set of Tujamo, we took the liberty of catching up the ascending artist to find out a little more about his plans and opinions:

You just released “Make U Love Me” on Spinnin’ Records this week, can you tell us a bit more about the track? How did it come to life?

The basic idea came to life in a midnight session, where I was trying out new stuff with these vocals. The overall vibe was very housy and old school and I wanted to keep this style in the final project. In end, I definitely wanted to bring in my sound with brasses and groovy beats again. From there on out, the production went pretty fast.

Your latest releases, not just “Make U Love Me” but “BOOM!” and “Keep Pushin” as well are a bit different from your older classic tracks such as “Who”, “Boneless”, “Booty Bounce” (although they still retain the Tujamo sound). Is this a direction you will be pushing through with in the future?

Well, the general idea I have of a club track is pretty much always the same, but the way I built it around this idea then differs from time to time. ‘BOOM!’ came from a whole different starting point than ‘Keep Pushin’ for instance. These different starting points then also result in different outcome, which, however, still maintain my sound and the groove I want in my productions. I love to try out new stuff while still keep persistence on things I don’t want to leave out, for example the brass sounds. My fans are looking for this as well, which is why some reacted differently on ‘BOOM!’.

Your track ‘Booty Bounce’ was one of the biggest tracks in your career so far, even before it got a vocal makeover from Taio Cruz. What was it like working with Taio?

Very cool, he’s a very nice guy and I loved the fact that he loved ‘Booty Bounce’ so much to create vocals for it. As the track was already done, the whole working process was super easy and went very fast.

Your career skyrocketed after ‘Who’ was picked up by the dance music community internationally. How has the journey been so far?

Amazing, to say the least. The constant feedback, both from befriended DJ’s and the fans of course have motivated me so much over the past years that everything has come together in a perfect symbiosis now, regarding production and touring.

Who are your current favorite producers at the moment? Any talent we should know about/keep an eye on?

From the establishment: Don Diablo is just wicked. His output is insane and the diversity in his sound, while still keeping it within the frame of his soundscape, is unmatched. Really, really like this guy.

As for that secret talent: smiie. Hasn’t released anything yet, but I was lucky enough to hear one of his tracks already. He’s one to look out for this year for sure. Brilliant producer, takes a completely different approach to music but creates marvelous arrangements and tracks.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

Calvin Harris definitely was always someone I admired. He is an amazing producer, a singer and does all of his music on his own. Something you do not find that often on that level.

What are some of your plans for 2017? Any follow-ups? Upcoming singles?

Yes, a lot of music coming up, of course, but I’ll also be touring again, starting in April. I’ll be on a tour through south-east Asia for two weeks, followed by a two-week tour in Australia. So, I’m currently trying to wrap up as much as I can, since after these tours the summer will kick off full speed and there’ll be no time to breathe then, haha!


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