Carl Cox reveals further details about his return to Ibiza

Regarded by many as the king of Ibiza, Carl Cox has announced more details around his return to the island this Summer. Following the end of his 15 year residency at Space Ibiza, he will be heading back to the white isle to perform at club Privilege. The British megastar certainly has big plans for his return to the island, stating that he plans to strip things back, playing unadulterated techno and house music.

Here’s what Carl Cox had to say about his upcoming return to Ibiza:

“For me, my spiritual home of the island has gone and I have to find a new spiritual home to continue me being back on the island. It was never a question of me leaving the island, it was always about what do I do next based on what I did myself to create a home for Carl Cox and my music. This is a new era now, we’re moving things forward. Ibiza is changing and it’s not changing for the bad, it’s changing for the good. Everyone is cleaning up their act. They want people in their clubs spending money. They want people walking away from Ibiza going ‘you know what? This place is still on the map and it still rocks.”

“As soon as people go to any of these clubs, the first thing they want is to be like ‘where can we all sit?’ What? Where can we all sit? No way, I don’t want anyone sitting down in my club, I want people up and on their toes and basically supporting the music and the scene and what we love. I really, really want to get people to understand at the end of the day that you don’t pull your phone out because there’s fireworks going off. You don’t pull your phone out because there are three DJs standing on top of the turntables or the CDJs or even their laptop and telling people to jump. We’re not doing any of that stuff. We’re stripping it down and getting people to hear raw, unadulterated techno and house music. If you’re not into it, I would just say ‘don’t come down, don’t bother.

It’s a big room, there’s no messing around at Privilege, you’ve got to give it to them. Go hard or go home. It’s no fancy night out. I’m a big DJ, I play big tunes, I smash the place. I’m not going in there to play 122 bpm deep house music, I’m going in there to rip it up like I used to do, like I will do and continue to do soon to make that statement.”


H/T: Mixmag

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