Jauz – The Game

With a career that seems to have exploded over night, Sam Vogel, better know by his stage name Jauz, has been expanding EDM horizons with his infamous ‘Jauzstep’, meets progressive electro-house since late 2015. With tracks “Feel the Love”, “Higher”, “Rock The Partys”, “Goodiez” and more, the young producer’s tap into the scene seems to only mature with each track released. Now, 12 days after his newest single “Claim To Be” hit EDM’s airwaved, Vogel gives us “The Game”.

Taking steps into a new direction, “The Game” is an interesting concept jam packed with futuristic synth work, and a foundation placed strikly on expressive bass. The song is unique in the sense it continues to alter its use of percussion and instead arranges a piece revolved around classic video game concepts and sounds. It’s refreshing and truly helps people identify with Vogel as a scene tastemaker, and one who isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

“The Game”, above all, a tune that will most certainly see the light of dance halls worldwide, and adds another unalike track to Vogel’s already impressive repertoire. Take a listen to the track ” below and let us know what you think of the new tune in the comments.


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