Premiere: Felmax – Hyperbolic Time Chamber EP

“The bass market has definitely grown through the years, and I really believe trap and dubstep is spreading into other genres and influencing new sounds. I am excited about the general direction of bass music, I think there is unlimited potential and more and more people are willing to work with “bass acts” and some really cool cross-genre collabs are coming out of it all”

If any one sub-genre of dance is growing faster than any others right now, it is clear that trap is leading the way. And the above quote is from an act that can certainly be classed as one of the genre’s leading forefathers. Venezuelan DJ Felmax is a bass-rupturing electronic producer currently living in the heart of Miami. Having started mixing and producing music in 2007, Felmax has developed a bass-rupturing sound followed by coalescent pink & green visuals and brand. His shattering drops, intuitive beat matching, and unforgettable stage presence complete his live set.

With releases on Dim Mak, Trap Nation, Lowly Palace, Uprise Music, Quality Goods Records, & now Spinnin Records, here is an artist sky-rocketing towards stardom. Hit singles “Dough” and “Chapel” have so far streamed a total of 12 Million views on all platforms, and now, Felmax has ventured into the realms of a premiere EP released on Spinnin Records, with collabs coming out with B-Sides, Lox Chatterbox, & ATLiens. This seemed like a perfect place to start when we caught up with him…

This is very my first EP in the 7-8 years that I’ve been producing so it definitely has some sentimental value. It is called “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” and that is referencing the time chamber in Dragon Ball Z where people go to train for hours and hours and time passes by. I relate to this because my studio is my “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” and I work in there for hours to create a single product that I personally enjoy and hope my fans will appreciate too. My favorite track on the EP is definitely “BACK”, it has some of my signature brassy sounds that I rearranged into a different style and structure.

Aware of his genre’s rapid growth, specifically within the States, Felmax was quick to point out that he’s a man of varied tastes.

I think like any genre, it starts off underground with a real niche audience and sound and eventually develops to target a whole market and larger audiences. I personally like to explore different genres and more recently have been making Hip-Hop, Pop, Moombahton, and Jersey Club records.

Following a change in direction from productions like ‘Chapel’ and ‘Bling Bling’, the DJ and producer was keen to discuss his style switch-up.

I have had a huge shift in direction and sound the last 6 months. I can’t really put my finger on why I began working in other genres but I feel that as an artist it is important to experiment and challenge yourself in all sounds and genres. I am very excited for some of my new records and really like working in a multi-genre format… My mind goes crazy with ideas and in one week I will start ten new tracks and all at a different BPM, sound, and genre. By any means not all of them are hits, but I do pick out a couple of them to focus on and those usually develop into tracks that I release.


But, having grown up inspired by the R&B scene, it is hear that Felmax may see a future for himself.

I actually grew up listening to Hip Hop and R&B almost exclusively. I started out beatboxing for fun and that soon developed into music I make today. Im currently working on a few Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop records that you guys will hear soon! With that being said, I would 100% dedicate myself to work on the music I like. At the end of the day I like working with innovative artists and innovative music.

One criticism aimed at rising artists these days is an accusations of lack of innovation levied every now and then. But the bass master knows that even the greatest acts will always get their critics.

I mean people will always find something negative to say, you can make up a whole new genre and people will say it sounds like something else. I always notice that the people with the most to say have the least reason to say it. The way I see it is simple – make the music YOU want to make and forget everything else. It sounds cliche but it’s true. If I took every negative comment personal I would have thrown my laptop out years ago. Music like anything else is survival of the fittest, nothing gets handed to you. I work for everything that I have today and those who survive are those who work hard and disregard the rubbish. We, as people, have the ability to choose who we surround ourselves with and where we work… So work with great people and work in a great environment!

And having released this stonking EP on the mighty Spinnin Records, Felmax was excited, and rightly so, about this coming year.

2017 is looking good. I’m working on a bunch of stuff completely different from what everyone is used to hearing from me. Also, working on some bass heavy stuff too! I have a hip-hop tape dropping later this year and actually have a few Spanish records releasing as well but I can’t say too much about that. As far as collabs go I have a record coming out with GLD and it’s one of my favorite collabs to date! Also some stuff on the horizon with my extraterrestrial buddies ATLiens and the legend B-Sides. Lastly, I am working on a lot of cool Hip-Hop stuff with my homie Don Krez – he is the man and I’m stoked for what we are working on.

A masterful production packed with the usual spicy drops you’d expect from a nature of Felmax’s calibre, his Hyperbolic Time Chamber EP really stands out as one of the most complete and comprehensive releases of 2017 so far. Bursting with grimey build-ups, and fantastically frantic layered elements, the EP is now available as free download via Soundcloud below, so get listening, and give us your thoughts on a production, and a producer, we couldn’t be more excited about!

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