Relive Glastonbury’s best EDM live sets in build up to the lineup announcement

With the world famous Glastonbury Festival expected to release its stellar line-up later this month, we’ve decided to go back in time and show you some legendary electronic music performances at the festival. Last year, Glastonbury managed to host over 135,000 people which is an incredible amount of people. To put this into perspective, Coachella hosts 125,000 people.

We’re going to kick off our journey back in time with last year’s Fatboy Slim set, where he performed “Praise You” to a packed out tent. As soon as the lyrics come in, you can hear everyone in the tent singing along which made the atmosphere so much more electric. Check it out now (the funk soul brother) in the link below:

Next up, we go another year back to the year of 2015, where Deadmau5 went viral for choosing¬†to take a step back from his live performance. During his song “Seeya”, he brought on a couch, a cool box filled with beers and two friends who were dressed up as a Shark and a Hot Dog. This spontaneity definitely sums up festivals in a nutshell.

Going back to 2011, Chase and Status were invited to the massive West Holts Stage at Glastonbury. As “Blind Faith” was one of the best summer anthems this year, there’s no place to celebrate it other than at Glastonbury Festival with the crowd in full voice.

Pendulum performed a fantastic cover of Calvin Harris‘ “I’m Not Alone”, turning it into their own style and giving it a lot more energy. Although this was never released by Pendulum, this will forever remain as a great festival memory.

The next video may not be a Glastonbury Festival performance on the big stage, but Calvin Harris rarely sings in his live performances these days. Therefore after finding him performing an acoustic cover of “Dance Wiv Me” with Dizzee Rascal, it would be harsh not to share it with you guys, so enjoy!