Watch: Martin Garrix performs on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon

Martin Garrix was invited back to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to perform his latest release – ‘Scared To Be Lonely’. He brought along Dua Lipa to the performance, who features on the track as the vocalist, providing some stunning vocal work. To be invited to perform on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is an absolute dream for many artists but Martin Garrix has done the impossible and returns for a second time in less than a year, having performed ‘In The Name Of Love’ with Bebe Rexha in August last year.

When artists (who are predominantly DJs in their live sets) are invited to shows like this, they usually set up their DJ gear behind the vocalist and band. However, Martin Garrix prefers to get more intimate with the band by ditching the DJ decks and showcasing even more talents of his by playing the guitar, making the performance a unique one.

Jimmy Fallon introduces Martin Garrix to the audience by calling him “One of the world’s most successful DJs”. Having been not known five years ago, Martin Garrix has shown how a life can change in just under 5 years, making him an inspiration to so many people.

Check out the live performance now: