Ale Zuber – Dodonkey

Ale Zuber, one of the Italian music scene’s fastest-rising DJ’s and producers, has recently signed with Strakton Records to drop his latest single titled “Dodonkey”.

Throughout the past year, Ale Zuber has garnered more fame, most notably, within the regions of Milan and Ibiza. He has become a household name for his innovative sets that include styles from hip-hop, reggaeton, techno, pop, and Latin American influences.

As a result, Ale Zuber has been able to play at some of the world’s exclusive clubs such as Privilege Ibiza, Bamboo in Miami, and Cristal in Dubai. The Italian powerhouse is also currently in his own European Tour, traveling around his home country and Ibiza.

Putting his production skills to the test, Ale Zuber has arrived to Strakton Records to deliver a catchy new tune called “Dodonkey”. Featuring elements from Brazilian Bass, this track possesses the energy that would light up any massive crowd around the world.

The record consists of some vivacious vocals that perfectly mesh with the groovy instrumentals. Presenting such a seamless combination of heart-pumping beats, striking synths, and an addictive rhythm, “Dodonkey” is certainly worthy of any rave environment in the future.

The track is out now on Strakton Records and you can download a copy from Beatport here.