Alesso’s remix of “If I Lose Myself” turns 4 years old

Having secured its status as one of the most legendary remixes ever produced, Alesso‘s reworking of “If I Lose Myself” represents the peak of an era that catapulted dance music into the limelight. Arriving in the spring of 2013, with the ‘EDM bubble” fully inflated, the Swedish DJ injected life into an otherwise melancholic track in a way that only he is capable of.

Plucking the original from One Republic album “Native”, Sebastian Ingrosso‘s protégé gave the production in an instantly recognisable Alesso feel, with layered progressive chord build-ups and a humongous drop soaked in a euphoric piano melody, created by looping the reverb on the vocals. Having previously worked with One Republic lead singer Ryan Tedder on 2012 track “Calling (Lose My Mind)”, the collaboration proved to be another instant commercial success, securing a top 10 place in the UK Top 40 chart.

Though it is tough to believe exactly 4 full years have passed since the release of Alesso’s “If I Lose Myself” remix, the overflowing raw emotions and the deep lyrical vocals of the production have cemented its place in the majority of DJ sets even to this day. Powerful and intense, remind yourself of the power of the production below and lose yourself in this track; a must-have for any EDM aficionado.

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