Bingo Players – No. 1 Disco

International artist Bingo Players has finally made haste back to electronic music’s spotlight with his newest release “No. 1 Disco“. Standing as the predecessor to “Bust This”, “No. 1 Disco” is full of retro sounds and an awesome foundation of swift harmonies and contagious lyrics.

From beginning to end, the new single really showcases the direction in which the Bingo Players music is now headed, and we couldn’t be more pleased. “No. 1 Disco” is above all a packed jam with just the right amount of production flair for it to certainly catch the ear of listeners both stateside and international.

Once a duo, Dutchman Maartan Hoogstraton seems to have no problem keeping the Bingo Players original platform intact, and in the heart of all true EDM lovers. Since the passing of his partner Paul Bäumer back in 2013, Maartan took leave and has since returned with bangers like “Knock You Out”; a track strong enough to score major U.S. recognition and go all the way to a number 1 spot. Maartan’s spirit seem to be at an all time high, and if his next songs are anything like this, the Bingo Players will continue to remain staples in electronic music for years to come.

Take a listen to the Bingo Players newest anthem “No. 1 Disco” below.

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