Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke presents remixes of ‘The Wolf’ and ‘Way Of Life’ for Record Store Day

Two key tracks from Dave Clarke’s album Devil’s Advocate have been remixed and ready to drop for this year’s Record Store Day [April 22]. The tracks ‘The Wolf’ and ‘Way Of Life’ get a fresh sound from IMF Boss Marcel Fengler and Octave One. It comes ahead of the timely re-release of Dave Clarke’s album later this year.

Berghain resident Marcel Fengler tackles ‘The Wolf’. Through many EP’s and a full-length on Ostgut Ton, Fengler proves his ability yet again by laying down a refreshing take on the original. He colors a smooth space-odyssey blend to the essential track. The six and half minute edit erupts sci-fi techno from the get go. Fluttering percussion in the mid range leaves a margin for melodies to head up the piercing identity of the track. The underlying drums with their infinite loops assist the overall boldness that is ‘The Wolf’.

Octave One’s remix of ‘Way Of Life’ pursues a forward-looking sound exploring the pair’s musical crafting abilities. The veteran Detroit brothers who have defined and redefined techno many times over have done just that with this quintessential remix. Dynamic drums, layered with spins and swirls, carry an energetic style to the eccentric track. An arrangement of acid lines, embedded with a reverbed texture, define the exclusive sounds constructed by the duo. The vocals accompany and promote the sounds, adding character to the composition.

Both edits flourish in their individual sounds outlining the new and interesting perspectives from the two essential tracks. The edits draw attention to the exceptional work efforts of both Marcel Fengler and Octave One.

Check below for the EP artwork, keep an eye out for the remixes and check out more of Dave Clarke here.

Dave Clarke