Dyro – Surrounded (feat. Joe Taylor)

Known as one of the leading figureheads on the heavier side of the dance music scene, Dyro has certainly developed a reputation for being able to consistently deliver powerful club weapons. As his style has evolved over time, his releases have become increasingly monstrous, and it seems that there are no limits to his prowess in the art of production. Dyro’s latest offering ‘Surrounded‘ heads in a slightly different direction, while maintaining the ferocity the Dutch producer has become known for.

‘Surrounded’ is atmospheric from the onset, with Joe Taylor‘s soulful vocals immediately setting the tone. The infectious rhythm soon draws the listener in, coming together with the deep bassline to create the end product, a track which is certain to make waves in clubs across the world. When listening to the track, Dyro’s artistry in production is portrayed clearly, with every final detail coming together flawlessly to create this masterful production.

Released via Dyro’s own label WOLV, ‘Surrounded’ certainly fits in with the label’s impressive catalogue of releases. Having already released truly monstrous hit ‘Alive‘ earlier this year, Dyro is definitely on top form, and there is undoubtedly plenty more material on the way.

Listen to Dyro’s latest release ‘Surrounded’ which features vocals from Joe Taylor on Spotify here.

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