Premiere: Felicity & Thomas Feelman feat. Jytte – Need You Tonight (Together)

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After the original instrumental was such a resounding success, Felicity and Thomas Feelman’s collaboration ‘Together’ received a vocal rehashing with some assistance from Jytte, out this Friday on Flamingo Recordings.

After catching the eyes of some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry, Thomas Feelman and Felicity have been on a meteoric rise towards stardom. After his electric collaboration with Teamworx, Feelman has caught the eyes of some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry. Felicity’s name has also been growing in support, releasing records on Revealed Records, among others.

When the instrumental version of the record released earlier this year, the track was met with great support. Featuring a blend of electronic music and salsa sounds, the bouncing horns and percussion offer a playful sound that keeps the rhythm. In this new release, Jytte opens ‘Need You Tonight (Together)’ with her incredible voice, setting the tone. The two sounds, her simple, yet soothing voice and the energetic beat, pair extremely well and complement one another as you are taken on a journey. ‘Need You Tonight (Together)’ could an enormous hit for the three rising stars on Flamingo Recordings.

‘Need You Tonight (Together),’ the vocal version of the earlier release from Felicity and Thomas Feelman, receives a quality performance from Jytte with her vocals. The record is available now and you can stream or buy it right here. Keep tuned for more music from these rising stars!