Martin Garrix to release “Scared To Be Lonely” acoustic version and new track on Friday

Martin Garrix just revealed to the Twitter world that he is dropping the “Scared To Be Lonely” acoustic version along with a special surprise this Friday. The Dua Lipa collaboration has already surpassed 100 million views on YouTube and has topped countless charts across the globe, becoming one of his most successful releases to date. A slowed-down, melodic rework of the recent hit will act as a mild change of pace for the new #1 DJ who is mostly known for his main stage sound. The duo recently performed a live version of the track on Jimmy Fallon’s show, which featured Garrix on the guitar so it seems only right that they share an official version with fans.

The other piece of the tweet remains more cryptic as Garrix asked fans if they can guess what else may be coming in addition to the acoustic mix. Speculation from fans has been that it may be one of the several new tracks he premiered in his Ultra Music Festival set. The most notable one has been the Tremor-like banger reportedly named “Byte” and is in collaboration with up-and-comer Brooks. Garrix teased the song on his Instagram a few months back and featured it in his Ultra recap video, so it appears that it will be coming sooner rather than later. In addition to retweeting a video of its Ultra debut, Brooks was featured in the first remix package of “Scared To Be Lonely,” therefore it seems evident that he has been spending time with Martin Garrix and a collaboration was in the works. To build the already growing hype over the track, Brooks also just tweeted out his remix of the song along with a hint that new music was coming so the festival ready ID appears even more likely to be the second release on Friday. The track is a triumphant return to Garrix’s big room sound that elevated his career in 2014 after recently putting out songs that have exhibited a more future bass-like style.

Listen to the potential new track here: