Porter Robinson’s iconic anthem “Language” celebrates its fifth birthday

Porter Robinson is highly regarded as one of the most talented and innovative producers in today’s scene, and the buzz surrounding the American musician catapulted following the release of his iconic hit ‘Language‘. Today marks the fifth anniversary of the track’s release, and it is fair to say that Porter has gone on to achieve monumental success in his career ever since.

Debuted for the first time on BBC 1 Radio’s Essential Mix, this world exclusive caused major buzz industry wide and truly parked this Carolina producer’s sound on the map. “Language“, in its entirety, can best be described as a groundbreaking concoction of towering synthwork meets beautiful, anime horsepower. From the beginning, listeners are taken on Robinson’s journey to the greatest depths of his imagination; heightening every sense leading into one of the most played, memorized, and quintessential drops of the decade. Joined together with uncredited vocals by Heather Bright, also known as Bright Lights, the two allow the song to umbrella every necessary component the track needs to spearhead the competition for many, many years to come.

A prime example of how beautiful the art of electronic dance music can be, let the sense of nostalgia take over and enjoy the emotion, energy and intensity of “Language” in all its glory.