Premiere: KURA feat. Melody Noel – Paper Roses

KURA is back stronger than ever with another astounding release on Spinnin’ Records. Continuing his tremendous success this year, the Portuguese powerhouse has just dropped his brand new single called “Paper Roses”, which features the striking vocals of Los Angeles based singer Melody Noel.

Since entering the dance music scene, KURA has not only risen as one of the industry’s premier producers, but he has also improved his skills as an overall artist. Throughout his career, the Lisbon native has signed with some of the biggest labels in the business, namely Revealed Recordings, Armada Music, and Protocol Recordings alongside Spinnin’ Records.

KURA’s innovative style has led to numerous hits under his belt, resulting into an undeniably impressive portfolio. From his earlier work such as “Makhor”, to his major collaborations with the likes of Hardwell and Tony Junior, to his recent streak of Spinnin’ releases, KURA has clearly kept the fire burning with his array of top-notch productions.

Having such great momentum on his side, KURA returns to Spinnin’ Records to present his future bass tune called “Paper Roses”. The track opens up with a combination of high-pitched vocals and soothing melodic breakdowns. Along with Melody Noel’s astonishing vocals, the introduction instantly captures the audience’s attention.

Following a short culmination, the uplifting future bass drop ensues and blows the listener’s mind with its riveting synths and basslines. The track continues with a mid-progression that builds up toward the final climatic sequence, which perfectly concludes this superb record from KURA.

“Paper Roses” is now available on Spinnin’ Records and you can check out the official We Rave You premiere below.