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Undoubtedly one of Axwell's finest

Premiere: NEW_ID & Jesse Kiis – Aftermath ft. Anabel (VIP Mix)

Home Uncategorized Premiere: NEW_ID & Jesse Kiis – Aftermath ft. Anabel (VIP Mix)

Undoubtedly one of Axwell’s finest protégés, Dutch DJ and producer NEW_ID makes a massive comeback, this time alongside rising Finnish star Jesse Kiis. Having pounded out quite a massive floor-filler last week on the prestigious Flamingo Recordings, the formidable pair return with a highly-anticipated VIP mix of their release ‘Aftermath’.

Kicking off with a simple rhythmic kick and clap, the festival banger effortlessly fuses the classic funk bassline with a modern-day twist. While the original is driven aggressively by Jesse Kiis’ signature guitar riffs, the VIP mix takes on a funkier approach, tailoring it to a more clubbier audience.

The original release has achieved international support from world renowned DJs such as Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, Dada Life, and countless more, and support for the VIP mix is looking good with titans such as Don Diablo and David Guetta giving it a spin. You can buy/stream the track right here.

As we could not let this opportunity pass us by so easily, we made sure to catch up with NEW_ID to gain some insight into his music making process, what his musical style entails, and what he expects from the track itself. In conversation, below:

Congratulations on your latest track “Aftermath” with Jesse Kiis, featuring Anabel! Can you tell us a bit more about how this track came together and explain the creative process behind the track?

Thank you! Jesse and I started to work on this track more than a year ago, we had this really cool vocal from Anabel and the jazzy piano riff. We tried a lot of different drops and wanted to try something new and push ourselves to come up with something fresh that would really turn heads in the club. The VIP mix idea came afterwards and was particularly hard to nail, especially when it came to the mix. We almost gave up on it completely, but I dropped it in my Axtone Smorgasbord mix, amongst many other IDs, and the reactions were insane! It was at that moment I hit Jesse up and told him ‘we have to finish this one!

Why did you decide to release a different version in the form of the VIP mix as well?

The VIP mix is really unique and quite out there, fans were reacting well when I dropped it in my sets and they seemed to really understand it, me and Jesse were sure we could find a home for the song… But when we sent it out to labels no one seemed to want to take the initial risk… So we decided to create the ‘Original’ mix as a way to introduce the song concept but house it in a more ‘digestible’ format – something we know DJs could play in their sets and radio shows with ease. After this we sent both mixes to Flamingo and they instantly understood what we were trying to do, and were just as excited to try something crazy as we were! After witnessing more comments come in from fans asking for the VIP mix, we had to make it happen, so it’s really the fans who helped get this mix out there, hereby I want to thank them for all the support!!

How would you describe the NEW_ID sound and how do you want people to perceive it?

It’s hard to put my finger on one NEW_ID sound, as I try to mix things up in the studio and build my sets into real journeys through genres and tempos. The creative process is heavily DJ orientated as I often find myself creating music for a specific time or moment in my set. I always start house-y to get things moving and build it up into much more emotional, often progressive trainhouse sections. I’m always trying to push the boundaries in the studio though, I hope you can hear that in my ‘sound!

The responses on the VIP mix have been overwhelming, even before it’s release. Based on this, what kind of expectations do you have for “Aftermath”?

I really don’t know! I’m already super happy that people talking about it and that the fans are really into the track. We are on the same page and that’s the best feeling. No chart position can beat that!

Thanks for the amazing support guys, we did it together!


Check out the VIP mix of ‘Aftermath’, premiered by We Rave You, below.

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