Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 206 Guestmix – EDX

Another week and its another smashing mix full of music from the Spinnin’ Records camp. Showcasing the best of what the scene has to offer in terms of all things electronic, this Spinnin’ Sessions episode 206 features all the music that you’re yet to hear. Following suit after last week’s guest-mix from Tom Swoon, this week features none other than the Deep house maestro EDX. The Italian takes his place behind the decks for the latter half of the 2-hour mix – with the Italian production virtuoso arriving fresh off his triple re-releases on Sirup Records from last week. If you need a hint of what to expect in the latter half of the mix, check out his latest re-releases of previously released tracks ‘Touch Her, Feel Her‘, ‘Revered‘ and ‘Goombah‘ as part of the Sirup Records Mykonos 2017 anthems.

Kicking things off in the first hour, we are greeted by the music from the likes of Mickey with Maelan on ‘I’ll Be There’, Nari & Milani taking a turn with ‘I Am Alright’, LA Riots & Damaged Goods collaborating on ‘Stupid Love’ featuring KarinaFedde Le Grand and D.O.D working their magic on ‘Love’s Gonna Get You’, AABEL with ‘Ring Di Alarm’, Abel Ramos and Albert Neve combining forces for the Bass House single ‘Flat Beat’ and SAYMYNAME working with Crichy Crich on their release ‘Swerve’. This week’s Spotify premiere sees Copenhagen resident Snavs‘ collaboration with ReauBeau titled ‘Dreams’ take the center stage as part of the mix. Pipping others in the Talent-pool competition, Serge Legran‘s funky and upbeat single ‘Colors‘ takes its place as the Talent-pool track featured as part of the mix.

And if Legran’s record does do something beyond doubt, it is that it sets the tone for the second hour of the mix as EDX takes his place behind the decks to dish out some funky House and Deep House records. Apart from featuring a remix along with Nora En Pure and his ‘Dharma’ and ‘All I Know’ releases, EDX allows space for the likes of Maff Boothroyd & Deep Matter with ‘Fireflies’, Federico Scavo showcasing ‘Woodstock’, Nora En Pure putting her twist on Milk & Sugar‘s single ‘Music Is Moving’, Beat Kat with ‘This Is House’ and eSQUIRE‘s mellowed-down take on his original track ‘Blackwater’ featuring Leanne Brown.

We sat down with EDX to discuss his latest release, his hometown, and future plans in exclusive interview, read below:Congratulations on your latest track “All I Know”! The responses on this one have been outstanding before it even got released. Can you tell

Congratulations on your latest track “All I Know”! The responses on this one have been outstanding before it even got released. Can you tell as a bit more about the creation process behind “All I Know” and how it finally came together?

I’m always working on an idea when I’m at home in the studio, and then I end up doing something different. It was the same for ‘All I Know’; all of a sudden I had this kind of 90’s “909″ drum roll in my head and I wanted to try something out, and then All I Know was born! The vocal sample that I used for this also inspired me. I grew up with artists like Jeff Mills and Carl Craig – they really influences the techno and rave movement and I’ve always liked the cleanness of their music. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for all the great support and feedback on this tune.

Tell us a bit what you’ve compiled for this week’s episode of Spinnin’ Sessions. What kind of message do you want to deliver through your mixes?

This time I tried to combine some fresh tunes with deep, sexy club tunes, knowing that the first 30 minutes was more uplifting. I get sent so much new, good music every week and it can be so hard to leave some tunes out of my selection, or know which ones are the right ones to pick. But I’m happy with this mix that I was able to support some of my great friends in the industry.

You are running one of the biggest labels and artist agencies in Switzerland. How would you describe the dance scene in Switzerland particularly?

Switzerland is definitely one of the most diverse club scenes in the world, and it’s been like this since the late 80’s. I’ve always been happy that I was able to experience it right from the start, and be a part of the Swiss evolution. In the last few years we’ve definitely had a renaissance with so many great Swiss talents. Sirup Music has grown into a unique home for Swiss talent, we’re able to serve so many outstanding artists on a 360 basis witha huge success all over the world. It’s always good to know you have a great team back home that deals with all the daily queries and lets you concentrate on getting the music out there.

You kick-started your international career with tracks like “Touched” or “Blessed”. How has the transition been for you from producing this pure Progressive House to your current style? 

I always used to be a house producer. During the EDX V1 era I had a lot of old school vocal house tracks, and many remixes that hit the dance floor from around 1997 to 2002. I switched to a more melodic period with my music with EDX V2 which was around 2007, then a few years later I went to EDX V3 which was a combination of both previous journeys – it was a much more personal expression of me as EDX and I’m very happy that I’ve arrived at this point. The changes between my first release in 97 and today are not really that far away from each other. It’s still sexy, groovy and deep.


How has your career changed since you first signed with Spinnin’ Records? 

Honestly it’s such a great thing to team up with a bigger record company – it opened up many different options and experiences for the team that work on EDX. I’m always been a friend with Spinnin’, it’s a 15 year partnership of friendship and collaboration that we can look back on.

Do you have any interesting projects coming up for 2017 that stand out to you?

Well of course you know about ‘All I Know’, but there is also a new remix I’m cooking up for Spinnin’ next month for the Dutch pop band HEAVN. I really enjoyed working on this song, it turned out really well. I also have a track that I worked on recently for Enormous Tunes, which was created exclusively for the annual Enormous Tunes Ibiza Collection. It’s called ‘Feel The Rush’ and it’ll be out in May as well. There’s much more coming, but let’s keep some news for the next interview haha J On the touring end it really looks like 2017 will be another great year with endless shows all over the world.

The mix is available on Spinnin’ Records YouTube channel for your listening pleasure.

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