Ten Walls “Walking With Elephants” turns 3

Back in 2014, one of the songs of the summer was undoubtedly the Ten Walls anthem Walking With Elephants. The anthemic house tune was the soundtrack to countless parties and events the world over, and was touted by many as the Ibiza track of 2014. An accessible, uplifting and easy-going track, it had all the ingredients of a hit from the beginning, and many crowds the world over would sing along to the ridiculously catchy hook.

The track is of course marred with Ten Walls disgraceful homophobic rant which he posted to his personal Facebook wall in June 2015, describing gay people as of a “different breed.” Within a few weeks the Lithuanian producer had effectively ended his career and it’s incredibly unlikely he will ever get it back. For a genre which was created by Black, gay minorities in America in the 80s, it was a shockingly unacceptable attitude to have from Ten Walls and one which he will never, ever be able to shake off – and deservedly so.

Despite several attempts to try and clean his name over the past two years, the producer hasn’t been able to achieve the same dizzying highs which Walking With Elephants brought him, and it looks though he never will. Dance music is a genre with acceptance for people from every walk of life, regardless of religion, race, sexuality or genre, but there is absolutely no place for the type of homophobic comments Ten Walls came out with. For someone who can make such great music, it’s unfortunate he had to say what he did.

Despite Ten Walls’ comments it is impossible to ignore the sheer quality behind the masterpiece. The release of the track put Ten Walls on the world stage as one of the producers to watch, due to its undeniably impressive nature. Relive “Walking With Elephants” below: