Afrobeatz – Asterion

Three years since his “Never Forget Our Story” release, Venezuelan producer Afrobeatz is back with his newest single “Asterion“. Premiered by Swedish label Bonerizing Records, the over-3-minute track includes just the right amount of production flare to send it to the top of EDM’s House charts.

Full of high energy bass, this Progressive anthem has already seen support from some of the industry’s biggest talents. One icon in particular, Hardwell, has fully endorsed the track and has since included it in his latest addition of Hardwell On Air. The track was part of episode 313, and stood strong next to the likes of The Chainsmokers, Maddix, W&W, and the legend himself, Hardwell.

From start to finish, “Asterion” does an excellent job at keeping its listeners pinned with its increased tempo control and exciting bridge. Afrobeatz did a fantastic job solidifying his House roots with some of the most exciting leads we’ve heard in a while. Like any festival anthem however, it all comes down to the drop, and “Asterion” certainly takes the cake with its monstrous one. The song includes rousing sound effects as well as a few vocals, all which show the young producer’s musical maturity and genre dexterity.

Take a listen to “Asterion” below, and don’t forget to keep an ear out for the song as we reach the peak of festival season.

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