Alexenn – Come In Time

Born amongst the two most popular disco cities in the world, Italian DJ Assandro Neri, or better known by his stage name Alexenn, has been sharing his ingrained musical abilities since his early start at the age of 14. Since then, the young DJ has been hard at work aiming for an international following all while pushing his brand to the next level.

Known for his residency at Jolly Disco at just 16 years old, he now has the backing of artists John Gibbons and Nathan Goodman, as well as Joachim Garraud and Leandro Da Silva & Ko:Yu. Now, taking on 2017 as the official start to his original mix releases, he has finally given his followers “Come In Time“.

Out now for s free download, “Come In Time” is a house-driven tune pinpointed at setting the standard for where his new music is headed. Clean, and filled with the perfect amount of production flair, this close to 3-minute track includes all of the perfect ingredients for a perfect EDM cocktail. Oozing with big builds, and a foundation compiled of sultry vocals and tethered backbeats, “Come In Time” takes Deep House to the next level and hopefully dictates where his sound is headed from here.

Take a listen to Alexenn’s newest track “Come In Time” out now on Digital Empire.

Follow the official Alexenn SoundCloud page here.

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