Bingo Players - Cry (Just A Little)

Bingo Players’ highly successful 2011 single ‘Cry (Just A Little)’ turns 6 years old

When Paul Bäumer died due to cancer in December 2013, the Dance music community was left speechless after the news was announced by Maarten Hoogstraten, his DJ partner and other half of the Dutch duo Bingo Players. After his passing away, it was widely accepted that for the Dance music community Bingo Players shall always remain plural as the success that guaranteed them a spot on the Ultra Miami and Coachella stages was one that was created by the Dutch duo together. One such track that was part of this successful journey was their 2011 single ‘Cry (Just A Little)’ released on Spinnin’ Records as well as their own Hysteria label. What’s more is that today the chart-topping single completes 6 years since its release.

A chirpy track from the get-go, the track’s first hints at being an out and out hit was the rendition of the iconic chorus lines from Brenda Russell’s 1988 hit ‘Piano In The Dark’ – performed here by British singers Kelli-Leigh and Hal Ritson. Apart from being a vocal standout, the track’s production was in tandem with that of the music scene from 2011. Upbeat House beat-work, teasing synth chords and a detailed structure to let the vocals fit atop seamlessly, the only way to enjoy the track was not in to appreciate its details but to enjoy it in its totality. A great track from those years and a towering yardstick for what’s House music today, ‘Cry (Just A Little)’ is a track whose value is deeply entrenched in what Bingo Players’ music means to their fans – good memories, great music and a entwined nostalgia for both.

The track is available for a quick purchase from Beatport’s store here.

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