Marshmello – Moving On

Premiered way back in 2015, mysterious DJ/producer Marshmello releases his highly-anticipated song “Moving On.” The track marks his first solo production with no credited vocals since his most successful song “Alone” came out nearly a year ago. The release is also accompanied with a graduation-themed music video featuring Skrillex and Slushii lookalikes.

After taking nearly two years to finally see the light, “Moving On” is definitely underwhelming based on Marshmello‘s rich track record of numerous hits. We had been given a preview of the song on Facebook a while back and the live version sounds immensely better than the official audio. Based on fan reaction from around social media, the general consensus is that it is far from Marshmello’s best work.

The vocals follow a similar tone to the one featured in “Alone” but seem a little uninspired compared to other songs in the electronic music world. It does feature Marshmello’s signature bounce-style drop that elicits a more radio-friendly sound than something you would hear someone play at a festival. A consistent comment seen from fans appears to be that the track has an overall emptiness to it, which makes you wonder why it took so long to finally be released.

The music video, on the other hand, is probably more entertaining than the song itself. Featuring a plethora of your favorite DJ’s dopplegangers and making light of the pre-recorded DJ conspiracy, the celebratory video seems to be the highlight of Marshmello’s new release.

Check out the song and video below and let us know what you think.