Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 209 – Trobi Guestmix

On a weekly basis, Spinnin’ Sessions delivers several of Spinnin’ Records‘ current hits along with some exclusive unreleased music. The show has consistently provided fans with incredible mixes, especially with the inclusion of the industry’s biggest names as special guests. This time is no different as the latest 209th episode of Spinnin’ Sessions presents a stacked lineup of tunes. This week’s show also features the guestmix of one of the youngest and fastest-rising talents in the business named Trobi.

Hailing from The Netherlands, Trobi is currently one of Spinnin’ Records’ brightest up-and-coming stars. After showcasing his prowess with his track called “In the Studio”, the Dutch producer is set to continue his success with his new record titled “Never Let You Down”, which will be released tomorrow, May 12 on the world-renowned dance label. In the midst of his rise to stardom, Trobi takes on the mixing duties for Spinnin’ Records and curates a superb edition of Spinnin’ Sessions.

Opening up with Lincoln Jesser’s “Somebody Will”, the mix immediately draws in the listeners and the streak continues with more marvelous tracks from the likes of Funkin Matt, Watermät, Tom Swoon, and Maximals. Spinnin’ Sessions also picked Ragasur’s “Numaaish” from the Talent Pool and LVNDSCAPE’s “Walk Away” from Spotify. A couple of Musical Freedom’s releases is played as well, including John Christian’s “The Grimm” and Pep & Rash’s “Break Down”. The show is concluded by Aylen’s “Spread” and Carta & Robert Falcon’s “Love Shouldn’t Be So Hard”.

Check out the official We Rave You premiere of Spinnin’ Sessions 209 and an exclusive interview with Trobi below.

You are releasing your new track “Never Let You Down” alongside Stevie Appleton on May 12th. Are you satisfied with the reactions of your fans and other producers so far?

Yeah, for sure! Looking at all the responses on ‘Never Let You Down’ I feel Stevie and I have really delivered something special. All the people said that they really believe in the track so that’s very good to hear!

Tell us a bit more about the creation process. How was it working with Stevie Appleton on the track?

I met Stevie last year during a writerscamp I did at the ADE. Two months later Stevie took a flight from London to my studio near Rotterdam to work on something new and that was ‘Never Let You Down’. We made the demo in about one day and recorded it on a shitty microphone of $50. Then Stevie flew back to London to write the lyrics and re-record them on a good mic, but the demo mic from $50 just sounded better, so Stevie took a flight back to my studio to record the vocals on the shitty mic. We call it the ‘Magic Mic’ haha!

We saw the official video clip of “Never Let You Down” already and it looks lovely! Congratulations on that. What was the idea behind the video clip?

The idea behind the clip was a crazy video with of course some animals in it! I have a thing with animals, especially birds, you can hear them in every track or remix I make. For the ‘Never Let You Down’ video we chose a crazy rabbit style, as if you’re in some weird dream haha! Hope the people will like it!

The internet is speculating about a potential Mesto collaboration right now? Could you clarify that for us?

Melle is in my class at school, we’ve talked about it sometimes for fun but nothing confirmed yet. His style is also not completely my style: I really love to make POP music and Melle has his Future House sound, which is cool too!! But who knows, maybe we’ll find each other in a cool collab one day.

Tell us a bit what you have compiled for this week’s Spinnin’ Session. Is there a specific story you like to tell through your mixes?

Not really, I’ve mixed up some of my favourite tracks of the moment with some edits and exclusive material. I like to play my mixes as unique and diverse as possible, so lots of different sounds to be found in there. Especially with those edits I think it turned out quite nice!

Do you have any interesting projects coming up for 2017 that stand out to you?

Yeah, this year I will bring a lotttttt of new music, bringing big collabs and doing some stuff for top 100 DJ’s at the moment. I would love to release something like an EP this year, I have too many tracks, I could release two albums if I want 😛 haha! This year is gonna be sick!