Martin Garrix

‘There For You’ sees ‘halfway-May’ release confirmed by Martin Garrix

International sensation and superstar DJ Martin Garrix has revealed in an interview that his new radio single ‘There For You’ will come out halfway-May [in Martin’s words] which will be to much delight of the Garrix faithful.

For those who witnessed the mighty premiere for ‘There For You’, Martin Garrix debuted his forthcoming single at Coachella. The ultimate performance elated fans as Garrix had featured vocalist Troye Sivan come up on stage to perform alongside the Dutch DJ and drop the brand new track.

In the interview, Martin Garrix does not reveal the name of the specific track to be released, however, the interviewers confirmed in the tweet that the track was, in fact, the highly anticipated ‘There For You’. Martin goes on to reveal that he in the process of producing more projects including a bunch of new clubs songs and how the music making is the most important part to later play at his shows. It cannot be taken away that Martin looks just as excited as we are about his new music, ‘hopefully’ soon.

With most major artists releasing new music on Fridays, one can decipher the halfway-May descriptor and assume that the new track will get its official release on May 19.

Check out the interview below and watch Martin debut his track ‘There For You’ here.