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Spotify’s global head Troy Carter claims artists aren’t being paid enough by streaming services

Troy Carter, global head of creator services at Spotify, has claimed that music streaming services are not paying artists enough. During the Music Biz Convention in Nashville, he went into details about the shortfall of pay to artists, as well as discussing the method by which the streaming service are set to make improvements.

During the convention, Troy Carter talked about the company as a valuable asset to artists, not just for revenue purposes, but for delivering vital data in connection with their fanbases, in order for artists to plan more effective tour stops by uncovering the locations in which they are the most popular. Here’s what he had to say about Spotify’s plans for improvement:

“We are just scratching the surface of what the tool will be. It will become a tool that you almost won’t be able to operate without.”

It goes without saying that Spotify is a highly useful tool for artists, for both revenue and data purposes. Not only the biggest artists benefit from Spotify, the platform is ideal for less well-known artists for further market themselves across the globe.

H/T: DJ Mag

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