Upcoming Italian producers SideK release their latest progressive house rework of Supermode's 2001 classic hit titled "Tell Me Why".

Supermode – Tell Me Why (SideK Remix)

SideK are back with yet another astonishing remix of, this time, Supermode‘s 2006 classic dance hit titled “Tell Me Why“.

Hailing from Italy, SideK are yet another group of producers from the country set to make long strides within the industry. Throughout their young career thus far, they have never shied away from delivering top-notch productions, especially with their remarkable, signature progressive house sounds.

SideK have effectively showcased their creativity and prowess first through their stunning rendition of Manse’s Revealed Recordings release called “Freeze Time”. The Italian duo then followed their debut track up with a scintillating remix of Shawn Mendes’s smash hit titled “Treat You Better”. Returning with another rework, SideK fused in their style to Supermode’s “Tell My Why” and the results are outstanding.

Opening up with a stunning melodic buildup, this remix instantly captivates the audience and delivers a superb listening experience. Especially with the added synths and the notorious vocals from the original track, the introductory sequence is a treat to hear.

The remix culminates and a sudden burst of energy is brought out once the heart-pumping and electrifying drop enters. With its beautiful progressive house sounds and modernized twist of Supermode’s classic, SideK’s remix, overall, is an absolute must-listen for any electronic music fan.

Check out the remix below and you can grab a free download here.