Exit Festival 2017 Preview: 10 Defining Electronic Music Acts

The 2017 chapter of the award winning EXIT Festival is roughly one week away, and the excitement is building. The backdrop for this festival is set in Serbia’s second largest city, Novi Sad, at the magical Petrovaradin Fortress. The fortress is a top travel destination in its own right, so it comes as no surprise EXIT has been able to attract the world’s top talent year over year. Freedom of expression, positive change, education and acceptance are the festivals longtime ideologies, drawing roots from a student protest back in 2000. With the festival set to host a variety of genres this year, here’s a quick summary on 10 electronic music acts that are sure to make waves:

1. Voiski
Boasting energetic and exciting techno performances, the quiet Frenchman’s futuristic sound has brought him to the front lines of the scene back home.  When he’s not working on his signature style techno or experimental music projects, he creates conceptual art. He’s no stranger to touring the world, and this year he’ll join the EXIT family!

2. Vatican Shadow
He’s an experimental musician that’s performed under a host of aliases, and is no stranger to the music scene, having more than 20 years under his belt. The Berghain family member Dominick Fernow, formerly known as Prurient, will be sure to show off his newest single “Rubbish of the Floodwaters”, the first release under his techno style moniker.

3. Paula Temple b2b Rebekah
Having sat down earlier this year to discuss the idea of a complex hybrid performance, Paula Temple and Rebekah are finally ready to kick things off.  Having tested their first run last week in Berlin, they’ve got their eyes set on EXIT music festival next. Expect the individual creativity and industry ingenuity they’re known for to dominate this performance.

4. Dr. Rubenstein
Not long ago she was known as Dr. Rubenstein the physician. Now she’s known as Dr. Rubenstein the cosmic acid techno DJ. Marina Rubinstein left her home in Tel Aviv to head to Berlin a couple years ago and hasn’t turned back since. Rather than affiliate herself with one specific label or style, she’s found success in her independence. And she’ll be sure to bring her creative dynamic to the table next week.

5. Red Axes
After remaining friends since their childhood, it’s no surprise that Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi came together to create Red Axes. Since 2010, the Israeli pair have drawn upon their post punk/new wave roots to create a dance/electronic music act. Be sure to catch them bringing up the sun after a long night with their mysterious vocals, disco inspired drum machines and twangy guitar riffs.

6. Charlotte de Witte
Back in late 2015, Charlotte de Witte left her Raving George alias behind to become the more recognizable face behind her music. The hard working 24 year old is now pushing a dark, more melancholic feel on electronic music, veering off the more notable euphoric path. With a packed schedule, including a weekly radio show, full tour schedule, and Fuse Residency, you’ll be lucky to catch her for a brief moment at EXIT.

7. Bjarki
Known for his outside-the-box style, the Icelandic native Bjarki is bringing his unique and weird techno vibes to Novi Sad this year. The Icelandic native’s sound draws on the melodic side, with ambient soundscapes and peculiar drum programming. Expect possible guest appearances from aliens and monsters alike as listeners will be taken to new heights, planets and dimensions.

8. Recondite
Lorenzo Brunner’s take on techno is moody and complex and his eerie atmospheres can take you to your Gothic side. But don’t let that fool you when it comes to the German’s musical influences as he pulls from a variety of genres and artists like Wu Tang, Rammstein and Metallica. He’ll be heading in next week to start the second half of his Recondite Tour.

9. Sweely
Keep your eyes on this rising house talent from the streets of Paris. When he’s not out skating, you can find him working his craft in his home studio in Nice France. Most fans are accustomed to his live online sets, so seeing him perform live next week at EXIT festival will be a real treat for new and old fans alike.

10. Solomun b2b Dixon
One of the most anticipated performances of EXIT 2017. Master house DJs and longtime German comrades Solomun and Dixon get set to bring the life of those electrifying Ibiza parties to the Petrovaradin Fortress. Two of the worlds most promising house music DJs will shake the dance floor for 3 hours in a special set on 5th July, the festival’s opening night.

Ticket and general festival information can be found here.