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Morgan Page feat. Moses Keenan — Fight My Way

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Morgan Page just released his newest single, “Fight My Way,” featuring vocalist Moses Keenan, available on Armada Records. The progressive house track is just as upbeat as fans would expect from Page, with his equally emotional lyrical content.

The lyrics are about doing whatever it takes to keep love alive in a relationship that has ended. Electropop synths and a booming beat accompanying the chorus makes for a track that is ready for dancing at a nightclub, but also the mainstage of an EDM festival.

Keenan hails from Sweden and his youthful yet mature voice offers the vocals a resonant quality for listeners. Page’s production on the track is reminiscent of his output from his previous album DC to Light. Taking to Twitter, he shared how much he was looking forward to sharing the song with fans:

Really excited for my new original…to come out this Wednesday.”

On his blog, Morgan Page Quick Tips (think TED talks about being a DJ), he wrote about how songs should have a story drawing upon the philosophy of Joseph Campbell, not just the lyrics but the music itself should tell a story. It’s evident that the theme of fighting for love post-breakup is conveyed by the vocals and music.

Listen to “Fight My Way” below for a beautifully-crafted track from Morgan Page and Moses Keenan: