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Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 214 – Bassjackers B2B Lucas & Steve Guestmix

Once again delivering their weekly episodic radio show, Spinnin’ Records are back with yet another edition of Spinnin’ Sessions. Every week, the show compiles some of the record label’s hottest current or future tracks and today’s episode is far from different. For the remarkable 214th episode of Spinnin’ Sessions, Dutch powerhouses Bassjackers and Lucas & Steve take on the duties for the show’s guestmix, along with the jam-packed, first half of the podcast.

This week’s show kicks off at the deeper side of the pool, with Joe Stone’s blissful track “Make Love” and Vanilla Ace’s underground tune “Whistle Blower”. The pick from the Spinnin’ Talent Pool is Dmitrii G’s “2437”, which presents some mind-blowing house sounds perfect for any event this summer. Don Diablo’s future house masterpiece “Save A Little Love” soon follows, along with Kryder’s mix of Provenzano and Federico Scavo’s “Folegandros”.

A few more outstanding tracks such as Breathe Carolina and Dropgun’s massive crowd-pleaser “Rhythm Is A Dancer”, Watermät and Pep & Rash’s filthy banger “Ruff Like This”, and Chocolate Puma’s remix of Bodyrox’s “Yeah Yeah” are also played. Following Abel Ramos and Albert Neve’s “Flat Beat” and Wasback’s “Shudder” is Bassjackers and Lucas & Steve’s back-to-back set, which features many of their respective releases.

Since we couldn’t miss this opportunity, we made sure to catch up with Bassjackers and talk about their latest single, their view on the current dance music scene, their collaborative efforts and much more. Check out the interview below:

You’ve just released a magnificent new single together with Lucas & Steve called ‘These Heights’, which is sure to be a massive summer hit. What sparked the interest between you two to collaborate with each other and what were the inspirations behind the track?

We started out a new project with the beautiful vocals by Caroline Pennel and it turned out to be something different from our normal style. We showed it to Lucas & Steve and they knew perfectly how to make it a homerun!

Speaking of your latest single, ‘These Heights’ offers a different side of what avid Bassjackers fans would expect. Could you tell us what the idea behind taking this musical direction was?

We felt the vocal was more suitable for this specific style and we thought it would be fun to do something different than we usually do.

To top the last question, how do you see the future of dance music? What direction do you think the sound is heading in?

Dance music is always evolving, nobody really knows whats gonna be next, but it’s always cool to see a new genre or style pop up.

Earlier last year you collaborated with KSHMR on ‘Extreme’, which was one of the most prominent singles that came from SPINNIN’ last year. How did it feel to work with such a brilliant producer? How did the track come to life?

Ever since our first collab memories Niles has become a good friend and we’re always sending back and forth ideas and experimenting on sound. It’s always really cool to work with him because our styles really compliment each other very well.

What does 2017 hold in store? Any hints or clues that we could get about future productions and collaborations?

The clubmix of “These Heights” is coming soon. And we have some cool collabs, for example some tracks with Dimi & Mike and we’re gonna drop a huge EP with bangers.


Check out the official We Rave You premiere of Spinnin’ Sessions 214 below.