SONDRUM – Prelude EP

Swedish duo Jonathan Johansson & Kevin Fuentes, better known as SONDRUM, have been catching the attention of some of the industry’s biggest names over recent months, with a string of impressive releases on some esteemed labels including Code Red and Eclypse. And now they are back with a 5-track EP on the brand new Willind Productions record label, as they showcase their groovy funk/disco house sound to the world.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Lives’ – a feel-good anthem produced to perfection. With the funky guitar rift underpinning the soulful lead melody, the track has an 80s feel to it with a modern day twist, and is bound to get everybody on the dance floor moving. Following this is the hard hitting ‘Get U’, with the metallic synths driving the energy throughout the track right from the outset in what is another solid production from the duo.

Third on the EP is ‘This Feeling’, which highlights SONDRUM’s versatility in the studio with a more chilled yet funky vibe, centred around the plucked bass line and vintage groove beat. Whilst in comparison, ‘Can’t Stop’ is built for the dance floor, with it’s electrifying energy create an intense yet uplifting atmosphere. Last but by no means least is ‘Vibe Thing’, a feel good anthem that exemplifies the high standard these two have set themselves, proving that producers can deliver both quality and quantity in abundance.

If ‘The Prelude’ is anything to go by, SONDRUM will certainly be a breakthrough name in the industry very soon, and be sure to check out all five tracks below.