Ibiza authorities reveal they want to ban all alcohol on flights to the party island

Ibiza has become more and more popular over the years especially when it comes to its nightlife and parties. This is great for their economy, however, this does come with a price. As people are seeing the island as a “party” island, anti-social tourism is becoming a big issue. Officials are planning to have discussions with the European Union to ban the sale of in flight alcohol as well as alcohol being sold at the airport.

Pilar Carbonell, who is in charge of tourism for the local government of the Balearic islands said the following:

We ask the central government and the European commission to ban the consumption of alcoholic drinks on flights and in airports. The aim of the measure is to improve passenger security and also that of security forces in planes and airports in our islands, who are often faced with drunk passengers.

One example of this happened back in May when Spain’s Guardia Civil police force were called to stop a brawl on a Ryanair flight which had landed in Palma. The flight had flown from Manchester and three men were revealed to be fighting in the brawl.

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