ODESZA – Higher Ground

After a lengthy hiatus, Seattle-based duo ODESZA recently returned with two new singles in the form of ‘Line of Sight’ and ‘Last Night‘, and after announcing that an upcoming album is in the works, the pair have been systemically releasing tracks from the follow-up compilation to ‘In Return‘.

Releasing on September 8, ‘A Moment Apart‘ will be their third studio album, and this latest single entitled ‘Higher Ground‘ is the fifth track to be released. And with sixteen productions in total making the cut, we still have collaborations with indie vocalists such as Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor and Sasha Sloan to look forward to.

Sure enough, ‘Higher Ground‘ encapsulates everything we love about ODESZA’s music, in a vibrant mix of both their old and new styles. Each album prior to ‘A Moment Apart‘ has been completely different from its predecessor, as ODESZA have evolved each time as they continue to grow and experiment, whilst still sticking to their roots. And for this latest single, we are treated to another masterpiece.

The atmospheric vocals of Naomi Wild encompass the listener from the outset, with the enchanting synth work creating a blissfully uplifting vibe filled with emotion and warmth. A captivating single that will no doubt increase the hype for the forthcoming album amongst their loyal fan base, this will undoubtedly be one of the stand out tracks.

Enjoy the track in full below.